*NEW* Redundix

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Single device, please note that 2 redundix boxes are needed

Redundix by Barix is a technology to improve the quality of a received RTP stream using two mechanisms. The first is time-diverse routing, where the same audio stream is sent twice over the same line, immediately on encoding, and also time-delayed. The second is divergent routing, where two streams are sent using seperate networks: one wired WAN-connection and one WLAN-connection. At the receiving point, all streams are buffered and combined into one final stream. Redundix by Barix will cope with problems of the network infrastructure, including glitches, unreliable connections or even short failure. 


  • Fail-safe Studio to Transmitter streaming
  • Studio to studio streaming (e.g. radio syndication or contribution)
  • Any kind of RTP streaming with delicate audio quality


  • Automatic healing of RTP streams 
  • Reduces audio glitches due to network issues
  • Features time and/or path redundancy
  • Multiple interfaces for connection to multiple IP interfaces
  • Encoder/Decoder independent: Can be used with existing infrastructure
  • Web interface for configuration
  • Up to 10,000 miliseconds of time diversity
  • Strong password protection

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