Annuncicom 100

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Part Number:2006.9063

Versatile, standards-based IP Intercom and PA device with contact closure inputs and relay output. The Barix Annuncicom 100 is a versatile IP Intercom and PA device, capable of full duplex (bidirectional)streaming of uncompressed audio formats, such as PCM, u-law, or a-law, or half-duplex encoding or decoding of MP3 streams.. With its two contact closure inputs and built-in relay, the Annuncicom 100 provides the necessary I/O for push to call and door opener functionality. A built-in speaker output and microphone amplifier allow direct connection of microphone and speaker. Line level inputs and outputs are also available.


  • Door intercom system, optional integration with IP phones
  • Paging and audio distribution
  • Automatic announcement systems
  • Public address, emergency calls, alarms and paging
  • Monitor and control communication in public buildings, airports, manufacturing facilities, and shopping malls
  • VHF Radio control and remote operation (over an IP network)
  • Stored message player with trigger contacts, updateable over network

FEATURES - specific for Annuncicom 100 hardware

  • All Annuncicom common hardware features, plus:
  • 2-watt speaker amplifier (into 8 ohms)
  • Electret/dynamic microphone input with 3-volt bias supply
  • Line-level input and output on Cinch connectors
  • 2 contact closure inputs
  • 1 relay output with normally open and normally closed contacts rated to 50V, 1 amp

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