Annuncicom 60

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Part Number:2012.9120
The Annuncicom 60 is a generic IP Audio device designed to serve as a gateway between IP based VoIP, Paging, Intercom systems and traditional systems or call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones. The Annuncicom 60 can be operated with standard IP Audio firmware or a SIP application firmware from Barix. Custom applications can be loaded as well. The Annuncicom 60 allows direct connection of a typical ceiling speaker, an amplifier (balanced interface), microphone or line input and a dry contact. A serial port allows control of RS-232 devices, locally or via the network. Annuncicom 60 Applications •Generic VoIP, Intercom, Paging Device •VoIP/SIP Zone device with speaker amp •Classroom VoIP Device with built-in speaker amplifier, talkback, serial port• Low Latency IP Audio Encoder •Low Latency IP Audio Encoder •Security Intercom device •Help Point/SOS call box device • Classroom VoIP controller with talkback •Microphone Encoder for IP SurveillanceI Features - specific for Annuncicom 60 hardware All Annuncicom common hardware features, plus: •Realtime IP Audio encoder/decoder, supporting common VoIP and Music Distribution codecs (PCM, MP3, uLaw) and CD quality audio •Supports IP streaming standards such as TCP/IP, RTP, Shoutcast, Multicast, SIP •Simple bowser based device management, SNMP Monitoring •Very low power requirement, high reliability •Developed in Switzerland by Barix, known for reliable IP Streaming products since more than 10 years

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