Annuncicom MPI 400

Your Price: $475.00
Part Number:2021-9330P

The MPI400 is a versatile Audio over IP device designed to serve as an end point or gateway between IP based intercom (VoIP/SIP or streaming) and traditional paging/intercom systems, microphone/speakers or an amplifier.
The modern, robust & powerful hardware/soware architecture provides a future proof platform that meets modern internet security requirements and can easily be adapted to individual customer needs.

A wide variety of audio environments, such as SIP, InformaCast and Syn-Apps are supported. Codecs include PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, G.722 that can be streamed using HTTP and RTP. Audio files can be stored on the internal memory and their playback can be triggered via a simple UDP command or scheduled. Thanks to the priority handler, the Annuncicom MPI400 can be configured to switch between sources according to one of the five priority settings and therefore eliminates the need for an audio matrix device.

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