Barionet 100

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Programmable I/O device server with 2 serial ports, relay and digital outputs, digital and analog inputs and Dallas 1-wire support., SNMP, Modbus/ TCP and web interfaces via built-in 10/100 Ethernet interface. UL listed. The Barionet 100 is a fully programmable I/O device server that supports standard interfaces such as SNMP, CGI, HTTP, and Modbus/TCP to monitor and control a variety of built-in I/O functions. Four analog inputs, four contact closure inputs, four open collector digital outputs, two relay outputs. a 1-wire interface and two serial ports can all be monitored and controlled via several built-in protocols. In addition, all I/O functions and interfaces can be controlled and monitored using custom DHTML web pages and BCL (Barix Control Language) applications loaded into the device

Barionet (100) /

Barionet (100)


  • Facility management system
  • Building automation
  • Remote control and monitoring of machines
  • Data acquisition, storage and transmission in any technical system

Features - specific for Barionet (100) hardware

All Barionet common hardware features, plus:

  • 4 contact closure inputs with programmable pull-up resistor
  • 4 analog inputs, 0-5V range, 12 bit resolution, programmable pull-up (can be used as contact closure inputs as well)
  • Contact closure inputs also support use as Wiegand reader interface
  • 4 open collector (digital) outputs, current limited
  • 2 relay outputs, switching up to 240VAC, 5Amp

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