Barix I/O12

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Modbus remote I/O module with RS485 Modbus/ RTU interface, 12 current sourcing outputs and 12 optically-isolated inputs. The Barix IO12 is a Modbus digital I/O module with a standard RS-485 Modbus/RTU interface. It provides 12 current sourcing outputs and 12 optically- isolated inputs that can be addressed using standard Modbus/RTU commands. The IO12 can be used as a general-purpose Modbus I/O device or it can be interfaced to the Barionet using the Barionet’s built-in RS-485 interface and BCL code to implement the Modbus/RTU message protocol.

Barix IO12 /

Barix I/O 12


  • Remote monitoring, switching, counting and remote control of digital signal


  • 12 solid state outputs, rated up to 1.5 amps at up to 30V DC
  • Outputs are divided into two groups. Each can have a separate output power supply up to 32V DC
  • 12 ESD-protected inputs, optically-isolated in groups of 4 with input current limiting.
  • Modbus/RTU protocol suppored on RS-485 (2-wire) serial interface
  • Two extension connectors, including power supply and RS-485 signals make daisy chaning additional Barix expansion modules easy

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