Barix R6

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Modbus remote I/O module with serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU interface, and 6 high current relays (230VAC,16A), UL listed, DIN Rail mountable The Barix R6 is a UL-listed Modbus I/O module with a serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU interface. Six high-current relays, capable of switching up to 16 amps at 230VAC allow switching of line voltage devices. The R6 can be used as a general-purpose Modbus I/O module or it can be interfaced to the Barionet using the Barionet’s built-in RS-485 interface and BCL code to implement the Modbus/ RTU message protocol

Barix R6 /

Barix R6


  • Building automation (Switching light, blinds, heating, power relays, motors etc.)
  • Activation of door strikes, bells, indicators, alarms etc.


  • 6 Relays rated at 16 amps, 250 VAC, with normally-open and normally-closed contacts
  • Modbus/RTU protocol supported on the built-in RS-485 serial interface
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Two extension connectors including power supply and RS-485 signals make daisy chaning additional Barix expansion modules easy

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