Exstreamer 110 Simple Paging Endpoint US

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The Exstreamer 110 for Simple Paging serves as the audio decoding endpoint for the Simple Paging solution. Each endpoint can be set up to receive an area wide page, or can be put into different zones for a more area specific page. It features a stereo line-level output, headphone connection, low power consumption and a relay output that can be used to activate amplifiers. An LCD display can show title information and aid with device setup. 




The Barix Simple Paging Solution delivers crisp and clear
Public Address announcements in specific zones or throughout
your facility. No new wires - the system uses the IP network
infrastructure already in place as the system backbone.
With automatic discovery and self configuration, installation
and expansion of the system is a cinch !

Using a stationary paging device or your iPhone / iPad over wifi:
Select zones, push a button and start talking - anyone can
operate the system !
Hallways, platforms, parking structures - wherever you need to
make yourself heard !


A server-less, self configuring system which is super easy to set up. Add
paging stations and zones, authorize iDevices as your needs to expand the
system emerge. No central servers, no software to install on computers -
less components means higher reliability !
Functionality and ease-of-use at its best - from Barix, the voice of simplicity.




Benefits for the User

  • Affordable, modular paging solution using your network infrastructure
  • Make announcements from paging station or iPhone/iPad
  • Superior audio quality
  • Multi-zone system with busy/offline indication per zone
  • Make announcements selectively into one, some or all zones.
  • Low power and no maintenance cost, no PC or server needed
  • Easily add zones and paging stations as you expand the system


Benefits for the installer

  • Uses existing network infrastructure, no need for dedicated wiring
  • Simple installation, typically zero configuration needed
  • Easily expandable by just adding more devices
  • Reliable operation without dependency on a server
  • System can be installed on both, managed as well as unmanaged networks
  • Practically no system training necessary



  • To reach staff wherever they are in the building; doctors, teachers, warehousemen, whoever you need
  • To reach people from wherever you are on campus in response to live events; principals, security guards, janitors, or other personnel
  • To selectively announce information to specific zones

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