Exstreamer 120

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Audio over IP decoder with line-level audio outputs, USB flash interface, IR receiver, LCD display and relay, low power, multi-format (MP3/WMA/AACplusV2,PCM,Ethersound) support. The Exstreamer 110 IP Audio Decoder decodes and plays multi-protocol and multi format audio streams, including MP3, AACplusV2, WMA, PCM, G.711, Ethersound. It features a stereo line-level output, headphone connection, low power consumption and a relay output that can be used to activate amplifiers. An LCD display can show title information and aid with device setup. The builtin IR receiver and included IR remote control allows channel selection and volume control.


  • Streaming internet radio in bars and clubs
  • Radio channels in hotel rooms distributed via IP network
  • Playback point in an IP public address system
  • In-store audio distribution
  • Playing audio from a PC, a jukebox application, or from flash memory
  • Commercial audio streaming applications
  • Confidence check for broadcast stations

FEATURES - specific for Exstreamer 110 | 120 hardware

  • All Exstreamer common hardware features, plus:
  • Line level (4.2Vpp), unbalanced, stereo output
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Backlit LCD (2x16 characters), for configuration, status, or title display
  • 1 relay output (24V 0.5A)
  • Model 110 with USB, Model 120 with Micro SD slot

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