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The Barix Instreamer is an upgraded version of the Instreamer 100, the original IP Audio encoder used in thousands of installations worldwide. It is a versatile, network-enabled, generic analog audio IP encoder suitable for audio distribution, monitoring and transmission purposes in Broadcast, Retail, Security and Entertainment industries alike.
Specific application firmware is available from Barix or can even be programmed by Barix and integrators alike to suit special, non-standard applications. One example is the Barix SIP application, which turns the Instreamer in an audio-dial or call-in monitoring device.
The Barix Instreamer can be easily configured and managed with a web browser. A link on the UI allows direct listening to the audio feed in real time.


  • Live Encoder for Internet Radio applications
  • Confidence Monitoring in Broadcast Applications
  • Source Encoder for IP Audio distribution systems
  • Background Music and Music-On-Hold encoder for IP Phone systems
  • Shoutcast/Icecast source
  • Low Latency Multicast Multichannel distribution of Audio for Video Walls


  • Standalone IP Audio Encoder Device with support for MP3, PCM and VoIP (uLAw/aLaw) audio codecs
  • Supports IP streaming standards such as TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, Shoutcast, Multicast
  • Simple bowser based device management, SNMP Monitoring
  • Very low power requirements, high reliability
  • Developed in Switzerland by Barix, known for reliable IP
    Streaming products since more than 10 years

Software applications available

Various application specific firmware packages with different feature sets are available and can be installed on Instreamer devices. Here is a partial list of available firmware packages:

  • Generic IP Audio encoder with shoutcast/icecast source, metadata generation, including TCP, RTP, shoutcast, HTTP, multicast streaming interfaces
  • Confidence monitoring encoder with under/over-modulation monitoring and SNMP trap alerts
  • Security listening device, environmental audio monitor/encoding
  • BGM/Music on Hold encoder for VoIP phone systems and paging systems

Typical software features (details in each software description) are:

  • Streaming support with UDP, RTP, TCP, Multicast
  • Browser based configuration and User Interface
  • Control Interface via Serial, TCP, UDP, CGI
  • User programmable in ABCL (Audio Barix Control Language, which is very similar to BASIC)

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