M400 SIP OPUS Decoder

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Part Number:2019.9264

The M400 SIP Opus Stereo Encoder/Decoder enables remote contribution links with SIP and the high-quality, open audio format Opus in a cost-effective solution. The advantages of the royalty-free Opus codec are its quality, efficiency and low latency. Combined with the SIP functionality to establish seamless links across VoIP and other IP based communications systems, it is ideal for remote contribution applications. The SIP functionality in the Barix unit allows to dial another device or auto replies to a call and automatically negotiate a transmission link for Opus based audio streaming. The unit can be configured to be either and encoder or a decoder. The system works with two M400 units or can interoperate with 3rd party products such as Wheatstone, Comrex or other SIP Opus enabled equipment.


Stereo Opus Encoder or Decoder (software selectable)

Line level input with (RCA connectors)

Audio level supervision with SNMP trap generation

Support of multiple coding standards

Line level output (RCA connectors)

Works with SIP Opus compliant 3rd party equipment such as Wheatstone or Comrex

Simple Player support for RTP stream decoding (alternative to SIP based connection)

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